OPEX Comparison of Crossflow Membrane Filtration Processes in the Dairy & Food Industry

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Classic Crossflow Membrane Filtration
vs LeanFlux® MF and UF

This OPEX guide, will show you all the impressive benefits, you will achieve when using LeanFlux® low-pressure crossflow membrane filtration. All the added benefits will materialize over time – this is what all experts in the industry indicate.

This OPEX comparison guide offers you the immediate benefits of the LeanFlux® designs compared to classical crossflow filtration systems.

The basis of a comparison is Protein Fractionation of skim milk with Polymeric Micro Filtration (PMF) manufacturing Micellar Casein Concentrates & Native whey.

The capacity of the compared plants is 10,000 kg/h with a membrane area of 2,200 m2. The actual required LeanFlux® m2 is without doubt much << less implementing LeanFlux®.

Initially we have looked at the direct proven and quantifiable benefits. The significant benefits and further improved performance opportunities (OPEX/CAPEX/CO2 etc.) are meticulously being quantified through further testing and data collection.

We are absolutely confident that you will achieve significant benefits and look forward to sharing such details and results in more detail.