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Pilot Plants are a great way of testing a setup or new application before scaling up.

With the SiccaDania Filtration pilot plant range, we make it easy for you to test any setup.

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Learn more about our 4 pilot plants

Compact™ – MPP

A versatile plant operating with low hold up volumes to ensure economic testing and trial runs. Easy to operate and perform extensive and repeatable trials.

The unique plant is designed to run MF/UF and LeanFlux, as well as NF, RO and HP RO with full flexibility.

Compact™ – LeanFlux®

A plant with the ability to accurately adjust the transmembrane pressure (TMP) “independently” of the required linear velocity/crossflow (Delta Pressure, ΔP). Developed for MF & UF applications.

Specifically designed for low-pressure applications (MF & UF). Allows for independent control of crossflow and even more importantly the TMP (Trans Membrane Pressure). The unique design allows for obtaining data sets for multiple parameters for any application. The future of crossflow filtration is in your hands.

Compact™ – Combi

A plant built to customer specifications to be extremely flexible and user-friendly.

Automation & HMI are designed for easy operation and improved repeatability.

4 loop pilot

Specifically designed for low-pressure applications (MF & UF). The plant allows for complete end to end testing of any low-pressure application. The number of loops ensures full flexibility and data for direct scale-up performance. The future of crossflow filtration is in your hands.