Step Into the Future of Dairy & Food Crossflow Membrane Filtration with LeanFlux®

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How to Increase Efficiency and Performance on Polymeric Membranes

Let us introduce you to the future of polymeric low-pressure (MF & UF) crossflow membrane filtration: LeanFlux® (Patent Pending).

LeanFlux® is a unique patent pending solution based on segmented modules, developed for optimising the use of and performance on polymeric membranes. LeanFlux’s unique combination of proven technology and known flow principles around the modules & membranes will provide remarkably better results. LeanFlux® will redefine what’s possible in applications using polymeric crossflow membrane filtration.

We will introduce you to more details around the LeanFlux® system design including new processing potentials and benefits. Fill out the form to discover how LeanFlux’s® innovative design provides unprecedented benefits to the general dairy & food industry processes using polymeric Crossflow Membrane Filtration.